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About Us

Songs from the Blue House is the brain-child of two guitar and singing people, Shane Kirk & James Partridge. It is the result of many drunken evenings on various East Anglian sofas. It’s been made with the able assistance of many folks, most notably Richard Hammond (or Gibbon, as he likes to be known).

Some time ago, when they were young, James & Shane had mullets, goatee beards and unlike now, only very sporadic proper jobs. They whizzed around all over the country and beyond, playing very loud pop songs to a varying response and with varying rewards. Then they got fed up with it. James decided to jack it all in, and Shane kept on doing stuff. This was 1992.

Now it’s much later, and the boys have got together and made music again. This time it’s just for them and anyone else who wants to come along for the ride, as opposed to before when they pretended it was just for them and anyone else who wanted to come along for the ride, but in fact wanted deeply to be loved and fĂȘted, and thought anyone who didn’t immediately understand what they were doing was a short-sighted fool.