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All About Snare Drum

All About Snare DrumThose who are in touch with music would certainly be aware of snare drum. It is a much used and highly popular percussion instrument. They are very commonly used in marching bands, orchestras and other such places. It is considered to be one the most important instruments for any performance. It is usually played with the help of a drum stick though there are other options too which could be used. It has a rich history and it could have originated from an old percussion instrument known as tabor. This was an instrument which used to be played along with flute. Hence it would be interesting to know all about snare drum over the next few lines.

How Is The Sound From A Snare Drum Produced And What Materials Is It Made Out Of?

As is the case with all percussion instruments the sound originates when the drum is struck either by hand or using a drum stick as mentioned above. However, it would be too simplistic to limit the sound to just the beating of the drum. There are other aspects too which must be taken into account. For example Rims and Hoops are also very commonly used in snare drums these days. They go a long way in making the drums produce fewer overtones. The tension rods and lugs which are also a part of this percussion instrument could also help a lot in producing different and unique sounds. Muffling is another component which could perhaps define the way in which the snare drum will sound and how the sound will end. However, there are quite a few users who may not use them. After all, if any drummer wants to build lean muscles then he or she should take the help of bmf salvation, a great muscle building supplement.